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Program history

The Ph.D. Program in Communication was established in 1987 as the logical extension of existing undergraduate and Master’s programs in the same discipline. It is unusual in that it was created jointly by three Montreal institutions: Concordia University, the University of Montreal and UQAM. This collaboration has enabled all students in the program to benefit from the contribution and knowledge of the entire faculty of three Montreal universities. The result has also been a proliferation of intellectual exchanges in Quebec's metropolis, enriched by the very diverse research traditions of our institutions. The program is the only Canadian doctoral program in Communication that is both francophone and bilingual. This makes it unique, and even more so because it welcomes students of every geographic and cultural origin. For UQAM, it is also a demonstration that our university has always fostered the democratization of knowledge by admitting a student population that might not have access to such training elsewhere. In 25 years, we have graduated 68 doctoral students, some of whom are now teaching at universities in Quebec, Canada and abroad. The program has also trained top-level professionals, able to grasp the growing complexity of our societies, for highly responsible positions outside academia. For all these reasons, we believe that the Joint Ph.D. Program in Communication is particularly relevant at the start of the third millennium.


Fields defining the academic interests of the program

  • International Communication and Development
  • Organizational Communication and Networks of Communication
  • Media and Cultural Studies
  • Communication and Information Technologies and Society
  • Discourse Studies


Fields of research and creation at the Faculty of Communication

Communication and Health

  • Dynamics, Communication Strategies and Impacts on the Public in Matters of Health
  • Communication and Public Health
  • Communication and Ecosystemic Approaches to Health

International and Intercultural Communication

  • Intercultural Communication
  • International Communication and Globalization
  • Immigration and Diasporas

Organizational Communication and Human Relations

  • Culture and Public Relations in Organizations
  • Intervention and Social Action
  • Mentoring and Interpersonal Communication
  • Social Communication Networks

Media Creation and Production Strategies

  • Film (moving images), Television, Interactive Media and Cultural Production Strategies
  • Experimentation and Innovation in Interactive Technologies
  • Interactive Urban Scenography

Media, Communication Technologies and Society

  • Politics, Economy and Cultural and Media Industries
  • Sociodigital Media and Technologies
  • Media Uses and Cultures
  • Virtual Communities

Mediation, Text, Image and Sound

  • Journalism
  • Critical Analysis of Information
  • Scientific Communication
  • Intermediality
  • Cultural Mediation
  • Sound Mediation
  • Social Mediation and Public Spaces
  • Semiology of the Image

Public Relations and Marketing Communications

  • Communication and Large Projects
  • Evaluation Measurement in Communication and Public Relations
  • Culture and Identification in Marketing Communications
  • Communicational Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Risk and Crisis Communication


Louis-Claude Paquin
Director of the Ph.D. Program in Communications
Professor, School of Media
514-987-3000 ext. 7935

UQAM Program Office

Évelyne Fortin
Studies Management Assistant
Faculty of Communication
514-987-3000 ext. 2199